How The GDPR Affects Your Business

If you are a business in the UK, then you would have heard a lot about the new GDPR regulations. It’s been everywhere in the news & has been quite costly for small businesses with legal costs and web developments to make your site GDPR compliant. With warnings all over the media with threats of multi-million-pound fines for businesses that aren’t compliant there has been panic across businesses all over Europe & the world. There are a few negatives with the new regulations but generally the GDPR could benefit your business, customers & sales online. We have gone through the positives and negatives on what the new GDPR regulations have on your business.


What are the benefits of the new GDPR regulations?

  1. We all have mailboxes that are full of spam, marketing emails that we aren’t even interested in and in the past, emails we might have been interested in would have been missed in the mass of spam. Your customers are in the same boat but not anymore. With the GDPR enforcing double opt in mailing lists there will be a large amount of spam disappearing from our inboxes. This makes it great for email marketing as you customers are much more likely to see your business emails, news & offers providing they have double opted in to your mailing list of course. Your email marketing campaigns will become a lot stronger with higher open rates whilst keeping you’re unsubscribe rate low due to your customers wanting your newsletters.
  2. Its time to clean up your files! With the new regulations controlling how you manage sensitive customer information it’s finally time to have a good clean up. Remove all obsolete files that have been sitting there that are just not needed. There are many businesses out there that horde paperwork or fill up they’re hard drives with previous invoices & quotes which just aren’t needed. Get rid of them and have a good old clean up.
  3. Your customers are much more trusting in your business. Your customers know that you are taking care with their sensitive information and that you handle data responsibly. I very much doubt that many people will be requesting businesses to delete names, email addresses etc off the system, but having that control brings a lot of trust. Make a point that you are fully compliant and a trusted trader!


What are the negative impacts of the GDPR on business?

  1. Many businesses have created a large database of customer emails over time and unfortunately that needs to be reduced considerably. All customers who hadn’t double opted in to your newsletters you must ask them if they are still happy to receive marketing emails. Even though this is down as a negative, it’s a positive due to finally you will have a list of newsletter subscribers that are interested in your marketing material.
  2. Of course, the expense of implicating compliance measures on your website, computer systems, updating privacy policies & legal fees to ensure your business is above board. It’s an expense that every business has had to deal with, but it will pay off in the end.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Every business had the deadline date of 25th May 2018 to become GDPR compliant. If you’re not compliant then you must act quick before you get fined. We have all the tools, knowledge and expertise to make your website GDPR compliant with cookie consents, compliant privacy policies & Terms and conditions. We have GDPR plugins for WordPress & Magento to allow customers to delete they’re account & personal information with a click of the button. Get in touch with us today to check if your GDPR compliant online.

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