What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

There’s a lot of factors when it comes to getting visitors to visit your website. One of the most important marketing strategies is search engine optimisation. To put it in simple terms, imagine you have a shop on a high street with search engines walking past every day. Your main objective would be to get these search engines into your shop and tell everyone how good your products & services are. Without signs on the shopfront or banners in the windows they would never step inside because they wouldn’t know what you are or what you are selling. Breaking it down into simple terms you need search engines to see your website, understand exactly what it’s about and tell everyone who are looking for your products or services.

How To Get Indexed

There is a variety of ways to get your website indexed in search engines. One way is to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo & Bing. A sitemap is basically like the contents page in a book. It’s a list of links to every page that is within your website. When you submit your sitemap, search engines can quickly find all your pages and index them.

Another way to get indexed is to get backlinks from authoritative websites. Search engines visit these websites daily, following links and finding new content. When your link is displayed on an authoritative website, search engines follow the links, find & crawl your website. If search engines know what your website is about, your web pages will get indexed accordingly.

Basics For Ranking Keywords In Google

In this first post on SEO I’m only going over the very basics of how to rank for keywords in Google but I will be updating the blog on advanced techniques & tips, tricks and proven ways to rank well in search engines. When Google crawls your website it reads all the content you have written on your pages. This content must be in depth and easy to understand so Google can pinpoint what the content is about and what search terms it’s likely to be helpful with. Your content must be completely unique as Google has read everything, if Google thinks your cheating by copying someone else’s work, then your going to get punished for it. It’s a good idea if your looking to rank for specific keywords, to add them in your content. Content is king when it comes for ranking well in Google so start writing articles to post on your blog, make it interesting and Google will put you up the ranks for your chosen keywords quickly.

On every page there are more advanced techniques such as H1, H2 tags, Alt Attributes, Internal Linking & much more which I will cover in my SEO blog.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often overlooked by new businesses as it doesn’t seem necessary or businesses don’t have enough knowledge, so it’s brushed under the carpet. The bottom line is, if you are wanting more visitors visiting your website then you must have an SEO plan. Just a few basic SEO steps can make a significant difference when generating new customers. Be careful when choosing an SEO company to give you a boost ranking your website as there are a lot of rogues using black hat techniques which could harm your website. At Brand Breed we are experts, we can help you achieve your targets or even offer free advice. If you need any help let us know in the comments or send us a request.

We offer cheap web design, SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing to small & large businesses in the UK. We specialise in everything to do with the web, marketing & design.

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