Writing Content For SEO

If your looking to get more traffic for your website but don’t know where to start, content is a great way to begin. Without having engaging content on your website, you won’t be seeing your site anywhere on Google, never mind near the 1st page. Your probably only seeing this post due to this exact piece of content. Content is king when we talk about SEO, we say this because google needs to know what your website is about, it needs to see if your website is informative & if it deserves a high position in the search engine for the specific topic.

How To Write Great SEO Content

The best way to start writing great content is to do some research on the topic your covering. This way you can be sure that your getting as much detail in the post as possible. It’s very difficult to write an article about something you’re not too sure about. Personally, I prefer to only write about topics I have experience in and I know that I will get as much information in my articles as I can.

If your writing a post and you don’t know much about the topic, write down as many notes as you can about the topic. Having key points that you can bring into your content will help you get as much information in as possible. This way you can also target more keywords and rank for multiple search phrases within the single post.

How Many Words Should a Post or Page Be For SEO?

There is no specific amount of words that is recommended by Google, but from my own experience, I recommend no less than 500 words. Your page needs to be as informative as possible and I don’t think that’s possible without at least 500 words.

Instead of focusing on word count on your content. I always recommend looking at other similar articles and make sure your content is better, more informative & covers more key points. This way when Google crawls your website it will see how much more information your article offers and will show you higher up in the rankings.

When To Add New Content For SEO

There are some main points to look at when your adding new content to your website. If you have followed the above points, then your content throughout your entire site should be perfect. But before adding new content it’s worth looking at older posts and seeing if they are up to date and have as much information as possible. I always go back on my old posts and update them with new information when needed. Having irrelevant, low quality content can harm your rankings across the whole of your website.

You always want to have content that is useful for your visitors. There’s no point in writing content for the sake of writing as it’s a waste of your time. You will also get a high bounce rate if your visitor is expecting a quality article but is missing information that is needed. Bounce rate means when your visitor visits your website and leaves after looking at that one page.

When your writing content you want it to be helpful for visitors but also you want other websites linking to your page. Having quality backlinks to your post or page will show to Google that your content is informative.


I always advise my clients to spend time on writing weekly blog posts and updating pages as much as possible. Many website owners are led to believe that when a website is complete, there is no reason to keep it updated. That is wrong! You will only get quality traffic if you have regular engaging content that will keep your visitors coming back.

When creating new pages or posts, think about what your customers are searching for in Google. This way you will be writing content that is targeted for your visitors and hopefully they will turn into customers. Now it’s time to show off your knowledge and get writing engaging content for your future customers.

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